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Resources to support data collection, interpretation and communication.

Communicating Data With Stakeholders [Word]

Ten Tips for Talking to Teachers About Data [Word]

Question and Answer Sheet [Word]

Ten Tips for Talking to Parents/School Community About Data [Word]

Standardized Student Assessment Tools for Principals link [Course] * works in IE and Chrome
Psychoeducational, Achievement

School Climate Surveys [website] [Website]
Use this online survey tool to design and collect information on a topic of interest. Questionaries can be designed in minutes and reports can be generated immediately.

The Survey System - Sample Size Calculator [Website]

Using Your Qualitative and Quantitative Data [PowerPoint]
This Power Point presentation will walk you through the steps of collecting and analyzing your qualitative data. Save time and energy by following these simple steps.

Data Collection Techniques word_icon.gif[Word]
This resource provides an overview of different data collection techniques to use in schools as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Data Generation Techniques [Word]
Use this page to get an overview of data collection techniques, advantages and disadvantages of each.

Questions & Answers to Demographic Level Data [Word]



Action Research References

Action Oriented Inquiry for Principals link [Course] works in IE and Chorome
"Action research for professional development, concise advice for new action researchers." Author: Jean McNiff. This site provides a primer about action research, from what it is, to the history of action research to how to conduct a successful project.
The Grand Erie District School Board shares the work of their action research practitioners. See the five volumes of published action research work at
"Research to Practice: Guidelines for Planning Action Research Projects, Ohio Literacy Resource Centre." Authors: Nancy and Gary Padak. A concise description of the action research process.
Teacher Research/Action Research site from the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University. This site is a complete action research resource.
"From Concept to Practice: Beginning Teachers' Reflections on the Education of Linguistically-Diverse Students." These are some sample action research projects from first year teachers participating in the Language Minority Teacher Induction Program from the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University.
"Action research support for educators." Author: John Lawrence Bencze, Associate Professor, Science Education, OISE/University of Toronto. This site is a complete action research resource.