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Research papers commissioned by PNC, links and other key research resources.

Review of the Ottawa Region MISA/PNC Teacher Collaborative Inquiry Initiative from 2005-20012 FInal Report [pdf] NEW

Accelerated Learning for Leaders [pdf] 2012

Action Research [website]

Building Roads for Students' Success [website]

Building Roads for Students' Success Regional Research Project [website]


Literature Reviews

Challenges to Faith-based Education [pdf]

Creating Positive Learning Environments: A Review of the Literature [pdf]

Schooling “Normal”:Constructing Acceptance & Inclusion for Sexual Minority Children & Youth in Schools [pdf]

Reducing the Gender Gap in Education: A Literature Review of Evidence, Policy & Practice [pdf]

Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Students in High School: A Review of the Literature [pdf]

The Development of New Media Literacy & Instruction: Risks, Challenges & Opportunities for Canadian Students [pdf]

The Sleep-Wake Cycle of Adolescents & School Start Times: A Review & Critical Evaluation of Available Evidence [pdf]


Education Resource Information Center (ERIC) [Website]

EQAO Research

Gender Gap in Education - Issues and Strategies [pdf]

Impact of Smart Board Technology [pdf]

Online Journal [website]

Ministry of Education Research Papers [website]

National and International Assessments [website]

Research Directory [website]

Teacher Collaboration Projects 2009-2010/2011-2012 [website]

Using New Technologies in Intermediate Classrooms[pdf]

Using New Technologies in Intermediate Classrooms Project Report - June 2011 [pdf]